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Crustrade Pte Ltd has been composed of enthusiastic and highly motivated professionals born out of vast seafood experience. The company was incorporated in Singapore in 1996 and has established itself as a major force in the worldwide seafood trade. The entity is well known for its skills in spotting out top quality seafood products by maintaining and nurturing good connections with the seafood international market and constantly monitoring the economics of supply and demand requirements worldwide.

Crustrade offers a wholesome gallery of services in seafood trade under one roof namely import, export, brokerage, local distribution and consultancy services. It is a single point of contact for international buyers and suppliers. All products come along with nutrition facts, UPC barcode, cooking recipe, 'prepared on' & 'use by' dates and full traceability standards. Our range of seafood products has its flag flying high on the seven seas with a reputation of world class premium quality seafood. Crustrade incorporates the latest processing technology in line with the most stringent industry regulations & practices and has production carried out in conjunction with FDA, HACCP, ISO, BRC & ACC standards.

Our vision is to succeed and excel in seafood sector as the leading seafood trading company in Asia and to play a major role to become region's number one seafood trading company. Our mission is to produce quality seafood for the world at affordable rates. We aspire to gain recognition as a local powerhouse for international seafood trading.


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Today shines among the top seafood trading companies based in Singapore.

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